Instagirlz Book Launch at Fallout SF

On Friday December 16th 2022, Fallout SF gallery hosted a launch party for my latest book “Instagirlz”.

Instagirlz is a collection of portraits of punk and goth models, drawn between 2020 & 2022. Instagirlz was inspired by my visits to Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School at San Francisco’s famous DNA Lounge in 2019, where we had fun drawing different burlesque models every month. Instagirlz are drawn directly in pen, with no underdrawing or pencil work. I wanted to get a raw, visceral feel to the artworks, so chose punk models to reflect this attitude, and give me the freedom to be loose and experimental.

My very good friends, The Seagulls, a local post-punk garage band, performed an awesome set at the Instagirlz Book Launch event, which was held at Fallout SF Gallery, in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood. Fallout SF is a project of punk art surrealist, Winston Smith. For many years, this basement venue was his studio. Many thanks to gallery managers Farida Mazlan and Crag Vincent for inviting me to show my work, and to all of you who came out and helped make it such a good time!

For those of you who missed it, here are some photos and a video! You can buy Instagirlz directly from Fallout SF, or on Amazon.com here:

Photos by Tina Whelon, Martha Brooder, C.S. Whelon, C.J. Whelon, Andrew Taggart, et. al. Not sure where they all come from now, so LMK and thank you for taking them!

Get the full experience and watch The Seagulls perform live on my Instagram feed. There you can also see more of my latest art, live drawing videos and info on the models found in Instagirlz:

About the author

I am an internationally published author and cartoonist. I am the creator, artist and writer of "Pewfell", a semi-autobiographical, epic fantasy sit-com that began it’s life on the interweb back in the early 2000’s.

I have created a large number of children's puzzle and activity books for various publishers, I also designed and illustrated the comic boardgame "Legitimacy" published by Minion Games, and have illustrated a number of other boardgames for Minion.

I am also known as the cartoonist for Goodman Game's 'Dungeon Crawl Classics' Role Playing Game. I am also the author of a puzzle book for kids called 'Wizard Pickles'--if you would like to publish it, let me know!

In my previous life, Chuck worked as an art director in the advertising world but I promises that I won’t do it again.

I was born and raised near the Basingstoke roundabout, but now live in San Francisco, CA.