Legitimacy: The Game of Royal Bastards


The kingdom of Legitimant is in turmoil. The old king has died, leaving no legitimate heir… He has, however, left several illegitimate ones.

Since you were an infant, your mother has told you of the royal blood that runs in your veins. Now the time has come for you and your trusty animal sidekick to set out on an epic quest to fulfil your destiny and claim the throne that is your birthright.

Whether you choose to follow a path of righteousness or use every dirty trick in the book, you’ll need nerve, cunning and just a little luck as you assemble an assortment of strange creatures and magical objects to out-manouver and overpower your rivals and prove that you are, indeed, the one true heir of Legitimacy!

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Minion Games, 2009

Legitimacy is a fast-paced boardgame for 2-6 players, who fight to claim their birthright as heir to the throne of a magical kingdom.

I created and designed the game as a showcase for my illustration and graphic design skills, and as something strategic and fun to play with my 8 year-old son which would not give me a competitive advantage!! It is fun to play and has a unique mechanic where your character can switch from being good to evil, or vice-versa.

For legal/shipping reason, the game is labelled as suitable for ages 13+, but I designed it with my son wha was aged about 7 at the time, and I found that it plays particularly well with ages 7 and above, although there are a few references in there that are really rated PG-13. These generally go straight over the heads of  younger kids, but more conservative people sometimes get offended, so be warned. It really works very well as a game for kids to play with adults, as kids always pick it up straight away, while adults are still scratching their head wondering what the heck is going on.

Here is video demo of the game:

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About the author

I am an internationally published author and cartoonist. I am the creator, artist and writer of "Pewfell", a semi-autobiographical, epic fantasy sit-com that began it’s life on the interweb back in the early 2000’s.

I have created a large number of children's puzzle and activity books for various publishers, I also designed and illustrated the comic boardgame "Legitimacy" published by Minion Games, and have illustrated a number of other boardgames for Minion.

I am also known as the cartoonist for Goodman Game's 'Dungeon Crawl Classics' Role Playing Game. I am also the author of a puzzle book for kids called 'Wizard Pickles'--if you would like to publish it, let me know!

In my previous life, Chuck worked as an art director in the advertising world but I promises that I won’t do it again.

I was born and raised near the Basingstoke roundabout, but now live in San Francisco, CA.